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Working at the Watershed Level: Urban Refuse Project

Working at the Watershed Level: Urban Refuse Project is a hands-on, real-time, scientific classroom program held in conjunction with credit-earning science classes. While working in their local watersheds (rivers, creeks, and oceans), the high school students collect litter and enter their findings into a database for Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP). Through this project the students provide SCCWRP with valuable information regarding watershed health. Simultaneously, the students conduct an independent analysis to determine the demographics of the litter that is collected. Sourcing and eliminating trash from our watersheds is the key purpose of this research. The students then disseminate this information through school presentations, community events, and press releases in an effort to bring positive environmental changes to the watersheds they are working in.

Below are the three schools currently involved in Working at the Watershed Level. Click on the schools below to learn more.

  • Newport Harbor High School
  • Northwood High School
  • Edison High School

ERF's Youth Programs are targeted to teach youth responsibility for one's actions, to find creative solutions to existing problems, and to gain an appreciation for our natural environment. ERF's Youth Programs are an innovative, proven method to raise youth's awareness of what urgently needs to be changed in our environment - create behavioral change in young adults by fostering life long habits that benefit the environment. Students thoroughly Identify with our slogan, "I am the problem, I am the solution." The Youth Programs sponsored by Earth Resource Foundation create long-term behavioral changes through student education, awareness and empowerment.

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