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Working at the Watershed Level is a hands-on, real-time scientific classroom project for high school students.

A Watershed is an area of land from which all water, sediments and materials drain into the common outlet (i.e. the ocean). Everything that happens to a watershed can affect what ends up in the water. Therefore, as humans, we can become a part of the solution when we understand how we affect our environment.

Working in their local watersheds (rivers, creeks, and oceans), the high school students collect trash, enter data into the computer, and deliver the data to Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP). This scientific research firm analyzes the data to determine the demographics of the litter. Simultaneously, the students conduct an independent analysis and compare the results with SCCWRP's findings.

This is a zero-waste project, where students take all the trash they have collected and find ways to recycle or reuse the trash.

Students also study alternative products such as disposable utensils made from cornstarch, solar energy, and fuel cells.

Special Thanks to David Kendrick of Basin Construction for donating orange utility vests and wooden stakes for our Working at the Watershed Level - Urban Refuse program.

If you plan to attend one of our Youth Programs Event and are under 18, please make sure to bring a completed parental permission form. For a copy of the form, click here.

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