President Paige Lynch
Vice President Meagan Beauchum
Campus Cleanup Lauren Nordstrom
Recycling Coordinator Hunter Doughty
Advisor Mr Scott Morlan
Meeting info Tuesdays 12:15pm at Room 147
School website
  1. Bigger Group to increase membership
  2. Campus Beautification
  3. Clean Ups
What's Going On: Smoke-free Beaches and Piers Campaign Press Conference April 27 2004
Planning Human Broom for December 6, 2003
Castaways Restoration Project

The Newport Harbor High School Earth Resource Foundation Club
Thank you to the following guest speakers
from the American Society of Civil Engineering
who spoke to the club on March 2, 2004:
Anh Ly
Sam Barakat
Lena Baghdasarian

Sam Barakat talking about civil engineering.
Sam Barakat talking about civil engineering.
UCI student Lena Baghdasarian talking to some students about college
Anh Ly
Club Advisor Mr. Morlan
Campus Cleanup for Newport Harbor!
Back Row (Left to Right):
Victoria Machado, Amanda Green, Caroline Wilkinson, Tessa Shane,
Amy Thomas, Mr. Scott Morlan.
Front row (Left to Right):
Alex Gomez, Jennifer Hernandez, Elle Erpenbeck.
Caroline Wilkinson and Amanda Green having fun cleaning up their campus!

Buy an efficient car

Use non-toxic cleaners

Bring your own bag

Bring your own cup

Buy local organic food

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Fix all car leaks

Use organic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers

Go solar

Sweep instead of using a hose

Go to the car wash instead of washing your own car

Choose drought tolerant landscaping