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KPMG Beach Cleanup

THURSDAY, JULY 1st, 2004

Belmont Pier, Long Beach, CA

Number of People: 53

Time Collected: 1.5 hour (average)

Number of Trash bags Collected: 31

Approximate Number of Cigarette Butts Collected: 1,000

Top Three Things Picked Up:

  1. Styrofoam
  2. Cigarette Butts
  3. Plastics

Items Collected:
Number of Data Cards Turned In: 10

Bags 66
Bottles 62
Caps, Lids, Cups 136
6-pack Holders 2
Forks, Spoons, Straws 114
Cigarette Butts 528
Styrofoam 1455
Other Plastics 150
Metal (such as batteries or nails) 45
Paper 62
Rubber (such as tires or balloons) 45
Cloth 16
Wood (driftwood not counted) 29
Glass 25
Fishing line, boating items 16
Other: (including items below) 21
1 Orange Peel 2 Lighters
2 Condoms 1 Syringe
2 EKG Pad 1 Firecracker
1 Shoe Pottery pieces
1 Wax 1 Clothing sensor
1 Peanut Shell 1 Crayon
1 Candle 1 Wheel

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