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Human Broom Beach Cleanup

Saturday December 7, 2002
Huntington Beach

THANK YOU to our sponsors:
Starbucks, Mothers, Toshiba
and in kind sponsors:
SunFlour Bakery, Ralphs, Trader Joe's, Togos, Pizza Bakery, Lil' Pickle, Souplantation

Thank you to our guest speakers:
Rev. Dr. Gary Herbertson, Brittany McKee, Wain Chungka, Brenda Stouffer, Chris Koontz, Dennis Baker, Stephanie Barger,
Bo Glover, Officer Andy Halpin, Kim Lim, Al White, Will Hayes-Morrow, Narsis Kabiri and Gary Sargent

A special thank you also to the team leaders:
Tara, Holly, Mike, Yuylia, Sarah, Jeff, Graham, Brian, Frank, Tom, Erin, Brittany and Allegra

and of course thank you to the 190 students who attended the event and helped clean up the beach!!

Tara welcomes everyone
Wain Chungka gives a blessing
Affects of War on our Environment
Rev. Dr Gary Herbertson
Institute for Global Solutions
Anti-Plastic Bag Campaign
Stephanie Barger
Earth Resource Foundation
Blocking the Toll Road
Brittany McKee
Friends of the Foothills
Choosing Harmony with Earth in your Career
Wain Chungka
Native Touch, Native American Healing
Renewable Energy
Dennis Baker
Earth Resource Foundation
Native Habitat Restoration
& Animal Preservation
Bo Glover, Environmental Nature Center
Environment and the Law
Officer Andy Halpin
Newport Beach Police Department
Food Choices and the Environment
Kim Lim
Wheel of Life vegan restaurant
Global Peace Issues
Al White, Orange County Friends (Quakers)
Off-Shore Oil Drilling
Will Hayes-Morrow, CalPIRG
Smoke-free Beaches
Narsis Kabiri
Tobacco Use Prevention Program
What is your Grassroots Vision
Gary Sargent
Surfrider Foundation
Cleaning up the beach

The Circle
ERF's newsletter


"In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We only love what we understand. We only understand what we are taught."
-Babia Dioum Senegalese Ecologist

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